Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My apologies for the silence.  I've been spending more time with my hobbies that updating my blog!  Following up on my last post, here's the current state of my large Mattel Shogun Warriors collection:
They're shaping up nicely.  At the end of December, 2013, I got a repro Brain Condor for Mazinga and a set of Japanese re-issue Scramble-Dash Wings for him. 
(I also scored horns and a shooting fist for Gaiking, and a repro Bowfist for my childhood Raydeen.)
The wings for Mazinga are current available at eBay for a paultry $45, and they are amazingly amazing!  
This outfits him like the smaller diecast toys.

Next update I'll share some of my sources for Shogun Warrior restoration...

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