Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Restoration Shogun Warriors

Myself and the family attended MEGOMEET again this year, and one of the attendee/dealers set me up with three classic Mattel SHOGUN WARRIORS, missing parts and with some wear & tear:

DAIMOS - the center one - is very rare, and a great score.  It's missing his right shooting fist, which is a common problem, and two giant missiles for his leg-mounted rocket launchers. It also has a coat of red spraypaint on its red legs.  Go figure...

To the left of the trio is the early, nicer release of MAZINGA.  He's in great shape except he's missing all his accessories and weapons.  Those can be found easily enough as repros or by scrounging eBay and the good will of friends in other robot-toy collecting groups.

Behind one of our curious cats is GAIKING.  He was tossed in as a freebie, and is missing both arms, both horns on his head and all 6 of his missiles.  It does have the right fist-launching forearm.  Again, repros can all be had.

The Raydeen (left) I still have from my childhood is one of my true personal treasures, so I'm happy to have gotten these! 

This trio of giants can be restored with some careful searching for original or reproduction parts & decals, some do-it-yourself, and some paint-removing techniques in Diamos' case.  I haven't engaged in any serious Shogun Warrior restoration.  But as I work on these guys, I'll share links and info for parts & restoration information